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2100 Clearwater Dr Oakbrook Illinois


Tidal Commerce makes payment processing transparent and accessible to businesses and partners of all sizes. Founded in 2004 as a full-service processor, we have grown to provide a wide range of merchant services and technologies, partner with financial institutions and nonprofits, and develop innovative in-house software. Our unique blend of experience, customer service, and technology delivers solutions for businesses of all sizes. Tidal Commerce is proudly employee and family-owned and offers award-winning U.S.-based technical support.

With Tidal Commerce you have an organization that has:

1. More than 1,000 merchant accounts with a total of more than $1 billion processed annually.
2. An exclusive nonprofit-only discount on credit card processing fees for your donations. We believe in supporting organizations like yours. Your good works are more important than our profits.
3. Transparent pricing. No quoting the lowest rate that only applies to some transactions or quoting you a low rate and then baking in high per-transaction fees that make the effective rate much higher than the quoted rate.
4. Offer cash discounting, the term for allowing the donor to opt to pay the processing fee. The donor gets to write off that and you get the intended donation. For example, a donation of $50 is really $50. Everybody wins. Many payment processors lack this capability meaning that your organization receives far less in actual dollar amounts donated.
5. No Cancelation Fee: there is no fee to switch merchant providers from TC; many of our competitors have contracts and penalties for switching.
6. 24/7 US-based customer service and technical support. Many companies require email only and get back to you within hours. Minimizes the potential loss of donations.
7. ZERO complaints with the Better Business Bureau and an A rating in 15+ years in the industry
8. A free rate analysis and no obligation comparison quote in PDF form that clearly illustrates savings as a percentage as well as monthly and annual dollar amount totals.
9. Work with you to explore the possibility of handling your ACH transfers. Few, if any companies will offer this as they make no money on the transaction. We want your charity to flourish!
9. Technological capability to integrate with software (CRM or other) if your vendor allows it. Allows you to have us process your payments and still keep the software that you use.

With us as your partner you get a company that has your best interests at heart allowing you to get the most money from every donation, increased flexibility, minimal downtime, integration capabilities, and so much more!

Tidal Commerce is a Good Referral and is proud to offer the following discount to non-profits:

Credit card donations are processed at .15 over Interchange. The whole is .25%. Interchange is approximately 2%, the average of the more than 400 card types in use. Most companies charge 3% or more.