Donor communications guru, Tom Ahern, is a copywriter by trade. He knows the ins and outs of donor-centric fundraising and gave us some great tips for nonprofits.

People like having conversations, but hate being “talked at.” Donor communications really are a two-way street made up of conversations and working together.

This is easy to say, but harder to actually do. It’s important to make your donors feel like they are having a conversation with you. You can do this by sending out surveys on a regular basis, having them take online polls, soliciting feedback readers, holding online office hours for your donors on your website, and including contact information (like a phone number) in all of your donor communications items.

Donor retention is important and the first step to that is meaningful conversations. A strong relationship with your donors can make a lasting impact.

There are a few things that every nonprofit should do, but a first important step is knowing the different types of donor communications.

Tom and Randy also talked about Vu Le’s thoughts on how two types of fundraising—donor-centric and community-centric—differ, how they are potentially a better fit for different nonprofits and how the two gurus couldn’t disagree more about the topic.

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