In this special edition podcast, Randy talked with the editor of Chronicle of Philanthropy, Stacy Palmer. Chronicle just released their 2017 Special Report titled How America Gives. It’s a comprehensive look into giving trends nationwide through exclusive analysis of Internal Revenue Service data. You can see charitable-donation figures from every state, metropolitan area and county.

With giving season officially upon us, understanding local, state and national giving trends is vitally important. You need to make sure you’re delivering the right ask to the right potential donor base. How much money do your donors make? Where do they live? How much are they giving, on average? These are the questions that How America Gives can help you answer.

It’s incredibly important to understand the giving trends of your constituency, especially this time of year. We thank our friends at Chronicle for their hard work in compiling this data, and Stacy for taking some time to dig into the numbers a little bit.

Notice anything in the report that wasn’t touched on in the podcast? Take it to the comments! Let’s start a discussion on the state of America’s charitable giving. It’s that time of year, after all.