Well folks, we’ve just about wrapped up another year. There have been some glorious highs and, admittedly, some tragic lows—both inside and outside the nonprofit sector. We tried to keep you informed and on-the-ball with all things nonprofit management, and that much isn’t going to change with our calendars.

In case you missed them, or in case you want to revisit some of your favorites, here are Nonprofit Hub’s top posts of 2017.

1. No Funds, No Problem: Starting a Nonprofit from Scratch

In 2017’s most popular post, we walk you through the steps of starting your own nonprofit, even if your funds are tight (or not there at all).

2. 7 Online Donation Tools to Delight Your Donors

Here we give you a rundown of our favorite donor-friendly fundraising tools. These platforms have helped nonprofits of all sizes raise millions of dollars, and they make it easy on you as well as your donors.

3. Finding the Right Donor Database for Your Nonprofit

Not surprisingly, our readers want to know how to manage their donors. In this post originally from 2013, but updated this year, we share our favorite donor databases and which one might be right for your organization.

4. Where to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit Organization

Finding sufficient funding for your nonprofit is almost always on the top of the priority list. Check out this article if you’re looking for places to score grants of all sizes.

We’re so glad that you found our resources helpful, and we hope to provide even more useful information for your organization in 2018.

Happy New Year!