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In our January/February 2015 edition, we explored how to keep donors around all year. To reserve your free copy of our next issue, sign up today


 Are you overwhelmed by all of this retention talk? Small steps eventually add up to one giant leap. So let’s start small. Try these quick tips to get your donors on track to come back for more.

1. Thank every single donor.

Trust us. You do have time. Because the return will be worth it.

2. Find out why they’re leaving.

You can’t keep every single donor. But you can find out why they leave. How? Just ask! It’s that simple.

3. Now fix it.

Now that you know why donors left, fix it if you can. Maybe not for that specific donor. But for donors of the future.

4. Be personal.

Skip the generic thank-yous. Donors can sense sincerity from a mile away. Try a handwritten note or a phone call. Small personal touches equal a big return.

5. Keep at it.

It’s not going to happen overnight. But these small steps can help you build up donor retention over time.