Toward the end of December, work productivity takes a significant dive. I don’t have any data to back this up, but trust me—as the end of December draws near and we start taking time off to celebrate all of our favorite holidays, less work is typically done. (In fact, I am writing this less than an hour before our office holiday party is scheduled to start.)

While work productivity slides, the importance of this month does not. December is the biggest month for nonprofit fundraising, but that includes all 31 days…not just the first few weeks. So before you kick back and start partying while you sip hot apple cider by the fireside, check the pulse of your year-end campaign.

Donation Pay highlights several questions you should be asking during the last few weeks to make sure you stay on track and hit your fundraising goals for 2014. Don’t just set your campaign on the side and let it run the course. Check the data that’s come in so far and make adjustments based on the results so far from your campaign. How’s the landing page working? Are people opening up your emails? Are the donations coming in with the amounts you thought they would? Are donors understanding your message the way you want them to?

December 31 is an important day as donors beat the deadline to get their tax donations. Make sure your year-end campaign is going to last until the last day of the month. It might seem like overkill, but every time you get your message and ask out there, it helps your chances of gaining another donation.

Stick with it. Dive into the numbers and keep the party going all the way to when the big crystal ball drops at the end of the month.

Questions to Ask About Your Fundraising, Halfway Through the Holiday Push [Donation Pay]