This fall, you’ll probably be ramping up for year-end giving, hoping to maximize your reach and visibility through email marketing, direct mail, social media and maybe even an event or two. At least, I hope you will.

But one thing that tends to fall through the cracks amidst all the hoopla surrounding this last quarter is your website. Have you looked at it lately? It may be in great shape and fully prepared for all the donations that will pour in during November and December. Or it might be in need of a little TLC.

All your hard work driving supporters to your website to make a donation can be wasted if those supporters are faced with complicated and time-consuming donation pages once they get there. If donating isn’t easy, they’ll abandon ship and you’ll lose revenue—in an instant.

Now’s the time to get your donation pages ready for the holiday season. If I’m a donor heading to your site to make a year-end gift, here’s what I’m thinking:

Don’t Make Me Give You My First-Born to Donate

In other words, lose any unnecessary fields on your donation form. The more information you require, the more you kill your conversion rate. People are especially busy during the holiday season, so make giving quick and easy. When you’re done reading this, go to your site and try making a donation yourself. Is it painless? Or is it a pain? Now’s a good time to simplify your donation process if necessary.

Give Me One Single, Focused Call to Action

As much as I love your organization, I don’t want several options here about other things I can do, like sign up to volunteer, read your mission statement or watch a video. Those are all great things and I may have time later, but when I’m on your donation page, I’m there to do one thing: give you money. Keep my focus on the task at hand with a clear call to action.


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