Cause Camp 2017 was our best year yet. We had live t-shirts being printed, breakout yoga and meditation sessions, service work for a local nonprofit, oh… and a stellar lineup of thought leaders educating and interacting with attendees.

On both day one and two, we had our emcee Marc Pitman host a panel with a few of our brightest minds in the house. During day one, we got our fundraising fix, as John Rood, John Haydon, Steven Shattuck and Tom Ahern discussed everything from storytelling to donor fatigue, donor retention and getting your board on board with fundraising.



Storytelling is a key part of fundraising. It comes in many forms and obviously changes per organization. Whether it’s the word of mouth story that you or your supporters are telling friends and social media, or the traditional blog-type storytelling, reminding yourself and your organization why you’re doing what you’re doing and why you’re “selling” the story you’re selling will help to improve the story you’re telling. Doing things like creating a bit of a fear of missing out (FOMO) via your storytelling will help to get new people engaged keep them around. 

Storytelling isn’t the only part of fundraising discussed in this episode, however. Aside from the low-blows at Steven Shattuck, they also talk about how to get the 70-80% of new donors (who statistically won’t give again) to give a second or third time, why the word “donate” shouldn’t be used anymore and why “donor fatigue” is a myth.

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