Your nonprofit wants to raise more money, but you don’t have a whole lot of time or money to spend to get the ball rolling. You’ve heard about matching gifts, and you know that your nonprofit doesn’t claim as much of this free money as it could. Is the simple solution to pursue more dollars from corporate giving programs?

Yes, and it’s easier to accomplish than you might think.

There are a host of ways to market matching gifts. A few of them are especially simple to set up and entail little to no cost to your nonprofit. So, strap yourself in. We’ll move through these promotional strategies fast, so you can implement them within the hour.

Email signatures

This matching gift marketing strategy only takes long if you’re the tortoise of typists.

You likely have an email signature that shares your name, job title and basic contact information. Adding a line at the bottom of your email signature that promotes matching gifts can help spread awareness to every donor you message. A pro tip is to manage your email communications with donors in the same CRM where you manage your other fundraising activities, so all of your fundraising actions are as streamlined as possible.

A few matching gift lines that you’re free to add to your email signature right now include:

• Does your employer offer matching gifts? Find out now to double your donation: [link to your dedicated matching gift page].

• Want to double your donation? See if your employer offers a matching gift program: [link to your dedicated matching gift page].

• Double your donation today! Matching gifts allow [insert name of your organization] to do twice as much good. Find out if your employer offers matching gifts today: [link to your dedicated matching gift page].

If text doesn’t excite you, then consider using an eye-catching graphic to entice donors to seek matching gifts. You want to raise awareness, but you also need to get people excited to click so they actually take the time to double their donations.

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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest… Is Myspace still a thing? Social media is everywhere, and it can be a powerful tool for getting people engaged with your organization.

Social media is also a form of sharing valuable information, and a good portion of your donors are plugged in, whether through laptops, phones or tablets. Sharing the matching gift word could be as simple as sending a tweet every now and then.

The Center for Puppetry Arts shows how easy a matching gift social media post can be:

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.58.17 PM

While most social networks allow you to spruce up posts with pictures, videos and other fun media, all matching gift posts should include the two essential elements in the above tweet:

1. Urge donors to click on a link with a compelling call to action.

2. Supply a link that directs donors to your dedicated matching gift page.

I’ve mentioned directing donors to your dedicated matching gift page a few times now, and that can’t be stressed enough. Your dedicated matching gift page is where donors learn how easy it is to submit matching gift requests, and getting donors to this page is the real first step in landing more doubled donations. You should make sure to include:

• A short overview of matching gifts for donors who aren’t familiar with them

• A list of top matching gift companies or a searchable database of matching gift companies and forms

• Your nonprofit’s contact information

• Your nonprofit’s EIN / Tax ID number

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‘Ways to Give’ Page

Every nonprofit trying to increase online fundraising needs a ways to give page. This is where you list all the possible ways that people can give to your nonprofit. Matching gifts should be listed on this page.

The Colon Cancer Alliance demonstrates how easy it is to add matching gifts to your ways to give page:


All you need to do is add a link to your dedicated matching gift page. Whether you use a graphic or text link, it can take as little as five minutes to make the possibility of matching gifts more available to donors.

The Colon Cancer Alliance advertises matching gifts alongside of volunteer grants, which is another type of corporate giving program from which your nonprofit stands to benefit.

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Marketing matching gifts isn’t rocket science, and it can easily fit in with your everyday fundraising actions. With a plethora of unique matching gift programs out there, your donors have a bevy of ways to give more to your organization. Thanks to a few simple promotional techniques, your nonprofit can start scoring more matching gifts in almost no time at all.