How to Go from Zero to Hero with Your Grant Strategy

Grant strategy

How to Go from Zero to Hero with Your Grant Strategy

with Will Yang, Head of Growth at Instrumentl

Want to win more grants for your nonprofit? Or maybe you’re just struggling to make sense of all the things you have to do before your nonprofit is ready to apply for grants. Ultimately, the key to sustainable grant success starts with having the right grant strategy. If you’ve ever felt your organization could be doing more in its ability to consistently find good fit funders and apply for grants, this upcoming Hubinar on grant strategy is for you.

In this one-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to take your organization from flat-footed to sprinting towards finding and applying for new funding opportunities.

By the end of this one-hour Hubinar with Will from Instrumentl, you’ll learn:

  • Why grants are so powerful, especially in 2021
  • What is prospect research and why is it important
  • 5 clear steps you can take to prepare your nonprofit for grant success
  • How to start finding good fit funders fast using Instrumentl

Don’t delay, save your spot in next week’s Hubinar today.

Will Yang leads growth at Instrumentl, the online institutional fundraising platform for bringing grant prospecting, tracking, and management to one place. Instrumentl helps over 1400+ nonprofits save time in finding and applying for more grants, with customers increasing their grant application output by 78% after a year of using the software while saving three hours per team member every week.

Will oversees community partnerships and can often be found hosting Instrumentl’s bi-weekly partner workshops which feature top thought-leaders in the grant writing space. Hundreds of grant professionals tune in to these events to learn openly and collaborate with one another. These workshops featuring many of the few Grant Professional Association Approved Trainers and Amazon Best Selling educators allow Will to have a deep understanding of some of the many challenges nonprofits seeking grants face.


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