New to Nonprofit Course 

Nonprofit is a Whole New World!

New to Nonprofit CourseWhether you’re new to the nonprofit sector or returning from some time away, you’re in the right place. The New to Nonprofit Course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to hit the ground running. The curriculum is a blend of practical how-to’s with deeper insight into the cultural and managerial differences between for-profit work and cause sector endeavors. You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the unique legal, operational, and financial elements of nonprofit organizations
  • Tools to help you show up prepared including terminology, digital way-finding, and best practices
  • Knowledge of the fundraising and alternative income-generating mechanisms that nonprofits use
  • Board governance training and overview of Robert’s Rules
  • The opportunities and challenges that come with marketing and branding a cause
  • Peer support through the designated course channel in the Cause Network

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Topics you’ll unpack in class:

Nonprofit Terminology

Board Governance

Fundraising & Alternative Income Generators for Nonprofits

The Unique Cultural Components of Nonprofit Work

Tools and Resources for Working in the Nonprofit Sector

Marketing and Branding a Nonprofit

New to nonrpofit

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