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Extra Credit

7 Tips to Build Landing Pages that Convert to Donations

A donation landing page can help transform your nonprofit’s website. While it might not completely make or break you, it can help you capitalize on people who visit your site and are interested in specific aspects of your nonprofit. Check out our list of seven tips you can use to transform your landing pages to…


How to Boost Online Donations with Any Holiday

Holidays have everybody in good spirits. And how could you not have heightened spirits when you have time off of work and you get to relax and spend time with family and friends? It’s the prime time to reach out to new donors, or even to reconnect with those who have donated in the past….


Special Bonus Video: The 5 Elements of a Perfect Nonprofit Website

Hey NHU students! As a bonus, we’d like to share a video of our friend Jay Wilkinson, one of our close friends and guest writers. We love Jay because he’s an AMAZING resource for how to make a website great. His company, Firespring, is one of our founding sponsors, and they make a point of…

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