At first, brandraising sounds like we might have accidentally jumbled words together to make something nonsensical. But upon further inspection, it makes a whole lot of sense.

And although we didn’t make up the word, somebody did. Big Duck Founder Sarah Durham coined the term “Brandraising” for her 2009 book. And she breaks it down for us:

“Brandraising is really about a system of thinking about your communications starting with your vision, mission, values—all that stuff of strategic planning, moving through your visual identity and your messaging and then getting into day-to-day communication,” Durham said.

“It’s really about seeing your communications as a whole ecosystem where all those things are connected.”

One of the biggest mistakes Durham said she saw nonprofits make with their branding efforts included “accidental branding.” Basically, accidental branding happens when nonprofits don’t take the time to plan their branding strategy. They don’t consider the implications of picking a name, logo and visual strategy.

The second branding mistake Durham said she sees nonprofits make is not staffing for communications. Durham points out that it’s a necessity to keep communications current and staff for communication.

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