Alert! Alert! For those of you who like to “stay on top of things” for all things holiday-related, it would behoove you to know that there are only five more weeks until December. So, locate that dusty box of decorations and warm up those vocal chords—we’re only five short weeks from crackling fires with cups of cocoa. (I can barely wait, can ya tell?)

With all of this holiday cheer just waiting to be let out, it’s time to start planning for your nonprofit’s holiday marketing plan. Now, this shouldn’t be a one dimensional plan—it needs to include everything from content to fundraising to event planning.

So here are some things your team (of elves) should be doing to prepare!

  1. Make sure your donation page is flawless. No bugs. No delays. No extra fields. Holiday donations should start flowing in around November, and your donation button (along with the page) needs to be looking center-stage ready.

  2. Have fun with the chance to spread holiday cheer. Perhaps it’s a holiday card with your office in elf costumes or a small bag of cocoa or an office cookie delivery—whatever you choose, during this time of constant asking, it’s important for your nonprofit to remember to thank those who make a difference in your organization.

  3. Inspire them. The holidays are often a very emotional time—feelings of thankfulness, remembrance and togetherness combine for a perfect time to show potential donors the huge impact your nonprofit has. In a time of year with hundreds of calls to action, your nonprofit has the opportunity to show them something unique—share with them why your nonprofit employees (yourself included) are so passionate about your cause and why they should be too.

  4. Keep in mind the need to stand out. As mentioned above, you’ll be competing with many other worthy causes during this time. It’s important to focus on what makes your nonprofit unique and use that to catch attention. Take a look at these 200 sample email subject lines—it’s easy to see which ones stand out from the ordinary.

Read on for more ways to engage donors during the upcoming season of giving.

6 Simple Ways to Engage Donors This Holiday Season [Winspire]