I’m sure you’re like most people—before you write a check to a nonprofit, you want to make sure the organization is credible. That’s a no-brainer, right? Nobody wants to give money away if they’re not sure that it’s going to be used responsibly.

And nowadays if you want to verify the credibility of a particular organization, it’s probably safe to say that you go right to the web.

So, what do you do if that organization isn’t there? Or perhaps even worse, what if you find them, and their website looks like something a staff member’s 14-year-old nephew designed in his basement during reruns of the The Simpsons?

For most people, both those scenarios would raise an immediate red flag. In this digital age, people assume that if you are a credible organization, not only are you online, but you also have a nonprofit website that’s polished, professional and engaging.

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