Every dollar we receive from fundraising is given because that donor believes in us. They connect with the mission. And they trust that we’re going to use their money to achieve the mission.

So how do we gain their trust in the first place to secure those fundraising dollars?

At the 2014 AFP Conference, we caught up with Firespring CEO Jay Wilkinson to talk about how your organization’s website plays a role in fundraising and why your website should be a priority for your organization.


The website is the core center of the universe of the brand for every nonprofit organization. And more than 90 percent of the people who give money to an organization go visit the website before giving money. And there are far too many organizations that are casting the website off to the resident ‘go-to geek’—somebody on their staff, whoever the most intelligent person that relates to the web is, and saying, “Here, you take care of that.”

And what we find is that so many nonprofit organizations are leaving their brand left for someone else to take stewardship of. And leadership teams; development professionals at nonprofit organizations need to be focused on building their website out as the core center of their universe, and far too few are doing it.