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Things Donors Want to Know, but Won’t Ask

Ever wonder if there are things donors want to know but won't ask? In the midst of a fundraising campaign, you get accustomed to hearing the same questions over and over. It’s as if the same training protocols for buying a car or a house are applied to...

Things donors want to know

Our Upcoming Webinars

Ask The Expert Session: The Power of Storytelling

Good storytelling is a vital part of any fundraising effort. Join us for quick tips and conversation on how to elevate your storytelling for effective fundraising.

An Investigative Branding Conversation

In this webinar you will learn how to better message your organization’s work and successes; increase donor engagement; learn how to ensure your branding, messaging, and storytelling is exciting and engaging for your donors.

Understanding Why People Give

One of the greatest uncertainties in fundraising is understanding what drives a donor to give. This Hubinar will help you understand how donors make decisions, the communication process as it relates to your prospects, and how to recognize barriers to effective communication. 

6 Financial Pitfalls Every Nonprofit Should Avoid

Partnering with over 1,500 schools, associations, and charitable organizations across the country including 1% for the Planet, Meals on Wheels, JCC, United Way, and the YMCA, the presenter will share the most important financial learnings and real-life stories he has gathered from his experiences.

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The 8 Types of Nonprofit Waste (and How to Fix Them)

Nonprofits love to talk about impact. A less popular topic? Waste. Remember that time on Survivor when J’Tia threw all of the tribe’s rice into the fire? Waste is like that. It’s the single greatest enemy to nonprofit impact. Let's face it: any precious time,...

Nonprofit waste types

Nonprofit Side Hustle Ideas For Clever Cash Flow

Are you looking for some creative ways to earn funds for your organization? When you think of a side hustle, you might think of cosmetics, oils, juice cleanses and other related sales. But additional revenue doesn't have to come from these sources. There are plenty...

Nonprofit side hustle ideas

Are You Ready for Grant Funding?

This blog was sponsored by BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions So, you want to start applying for grants? Great! Grants are a great additional revenue source for nonprofits. Grantors can often be long-term relationships that have lasting impacts on organizations and...

Grant funding

How Showing Donors the ROI Will Boost Your Fundraising

This blog was sponsored by GrowthForce Pop quiz! What accounts for more donations in the nonprofit world: A) larger corporations or B) individual donors? If you answered A, you are not alone. One of the biggest misunderstandings is that larger corporations are the...

Showing donors the ROI