Six seconds. That’s all you’ve got to make an impression on Vine. And since most people blink once every five seconds, it’s really more like five seconds. That’s a tall order (or maybe rather a really short one).

For those of you who don’t know, Vine is a chart-topping app that records six seconds of video with a simple click of the screen. You can record in one continuous stream or in individual snippets to create different cuts or a stop-motion video. Released back in January and soaring to number one only three months later, Vine still remains in the top five of the App Store’s charts—so to say it’s popular is a substantial understatement.

While it seems jokingly short, and we had the same initial reactions to Twitter (only 140 characters?!), we now appreciate its brevity and the standard of a short clip—it forces you to get to the meat of your content instantly. No fluff allowed.

So what are ways nonprofits can use Vine in a unique, creative manner that still does something valuable for your organization? I’ve got some ideas, and I’m eager and willing to share. (Simply click the videos to play them).

1. Show Off a Product or Service

Dove gets props for showing off seven different products within a six-second video. Additionally, it points to the playfulness of Dove’s brand. Does your nonprofit sell or use tangible goods with your logo on it? (Pens? Mugs? T-shirts? The possibilities are endless.) Consider highlighting them (and your nonprofit brand personality) through a means similar to Dove.

2. Quick Product Demo or How-To

No matter your product or service, there’s a way to show it off. Bacardi UK proves that with this Vine entitled “Six Second Cocktail.”

What does your nonprofit do? Show your process: a tree being planted, a homeless man being given clothes, the highlights of your latest mission trip abroad, etc. And then show your results: faces of those served at your soup kitchen in a day, timelapse video of a house being built for the less fortunate, the making of your product (like shoes for the kids in third world countries or the knitting of a blanket for premature babies).

3. Create Hype

Got a sweet new product being released soon? Use Vine as a unique, trendy way to give a sneak peek. Take a cue from this electronic music company, The Glitch Mob, who gave a short album preview and instantly created suspense for their release.   The short length of Vine videos could easily work to your advantage if used properly—building anticipation and excitement around your new product (or any worthy “reveal”—a website rebranding, a cool development in your cause, a new client or employee, etc.).  

4. Show Off Your Personality

You know those art teachers from elementary school who gave you a hunk of clay or a tub of finger paint and told you to “just create?” That’s what I’m telling you to do. If none of the above ideas apply, just have fun and see what you come up with. Red Vines came up with this unique way to show their brand’s youthful, whimsical personality while creating something visually interesting:

Walk around your office for a day to capture the personalities of the awesome people behind your cause. Introduce your new employees, show off your culture or give a unique behind the scenes tour of your cool office space. Whatever your idea, realize it might take a little practice to get used to the brevity that Vine videos require. But keep with it, get your thinking cap on and have fun creating!

Still not sold on why you should bother with a seemingly miniscule amount of content creation? Because it’s snackable content (you don’t need to offer full four-course meals constantly—they need a break and so do you). And it’s a perfect opportunity to show off some creativity and personality using only a smartphone and six seconds.