Social media wasn’t created for the mundane. Yet as nonprofits, it’s easy to fall into the trap of posting just to post. With habits like that, it’s no wonder we can’t see the value in social media.

And one of the biggest problems for nonprofits is finding that value through social media measurement. We caught up with Tom Latchford, CEO of Raising IT, at the 2014 AFP International Conference on Fundraising where he showed nonprofits how to shake up philanthropy with social media. Check out his take on what nonprofits are doing wrong with social media.


The biggest problem is really measurement of social media. I still ask today in my talk how many organizations really understand the cost per acquisition across social media channels and not a single hand went up, which is rather depressing to see actually.

I think it’s the measurement that’s really the key to unlocking and scaling social media. Because I know having worked in the space now for several years that it is more cost effective than other channels. And so, if we start recording that data then we can start making a case for social media and really scaling off the back of that. And my tip today was start small and scale, but measure as you go along.