Randy Hawthorne

Randy is Nonprofit Hub’s (nearly) fearless leader. He directs each team member and oversees the organization’s overall strategy. Yeah, he’s a machine. Randy also provides guidance and consultation for startups and nonprofits. He serves on more boards than we can keep track of, but that doesn’t stop him from volunteering and engaging in his community every chance he gets.

Spencer Creal

Spencer is in charge of all written content at Nonprofit Hub. On top of writing unique articles, he makes sure all writing is following voice and style guidelines. Spencer also serves as Nonprofit Hub’s in-house copywriter. Spencer found his place at Nonprofit Hub shortly after graduating from college, seeking a rewarding way to apply his passions to making a difference in the lives of those around him. Outside of work, Spencer loves the outdoors and attempting to play tennis.

Molly Paez

As Nonprofit Hub’s Marketing Coordinator, Molly communicates all of our written content, graphics and other works to the world. Molly has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations, along with years of experience in digital marketing. Molly describes the most rewarding aspect of her job as regularly engaging with people who are passionate about creating change. In her free time, you can find Molly either on road trips or her yoga mat.

Jordan Geisert

Jordan is the head of design at Nonprofit Hub. Any visual content ranging from logo design to magazine layouts, website graphics and more are products of her ruthless imagination. She came to Nonprofit Hub after graduating from an undergraduate art program. She was drawn to nonprofit work because she saw a way to create positive change for the community while doing what she loves. Oh, and get this: she collects antique typewriters. So cool.

Garrett Miles

Garrett is in charge of all of Nonprofit Hub’s sales. If he’s not on the phone with a potential sponsor, he’s rattling off random facts about exotic animals or world records or conspiracy theories. Garrett recently earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing, and he’s excited that he can put his education to good use. He’s highly invested in the organization’s mission and also enjoys the close colleagues and lively atmosphere. When not in the office, Garrett appreciates long—and I mean long— runs and mountain hikes.

Hannah Trull

Hannah is a crucial part of the content team at Nonprofit Hub. As a content strategist, she manages all of the organization’s social media accounts and writes unique blog and magazine articles. She’s pursuing two bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Journalism. She loves interacting with her coworkers as much as she loves cooking, spending time outside and hanging out with her cat.

Max Van Arsdall

Max is one of Nonprofit Hub’s content strategists. He coordinates with content partners, podcast and webinar presenters and other community organizations. As he works toward his degree in Economics and Marketing, he’s been grateful for the professional and personal relationships he’s made at Nonprofit Hub. When he’s not working or studying, you can find Max camping or pondering life’s biggest questions. Or both.

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