After spending last week in Chicago at MCON, a few things became clear:

  1. Gathering many of the best and brightest minds in the country focusing on engagement and action is quite inspiring.

  2. Millennials are making a big impact on the world. They cannot be ignored or put in a corner.

  3. Spending 16 hours in an SUV with your coworkers is a lot of time, no matter how engrossing the Serial podcast might be.

The Nonprofit Hub staff listened to many speakers talking on the Power of Influence, which focused on art, media, business and place. While there weren’t a lot of specific solutions to help nonprofits with fundraising or ways to engage their volunteers better, there was a lot of successful, driven people sharing stories about how they are changing the world. Here are some of the more poignant thoughts shared during the two-day conference.

 Gary Knell, National Geographic CEO and President

Fagan Harris, Baltimore Corps, CEO and President

Marc Roberge, lead singer and songwriter of O.A.R.

Carol Coletta, Knight Foundation, VP/Community and National Initiatives

Alexis Bonnell, U.S. Global Development Lab, innovation evangelist

Richard Brown, American Express, vice president of philanthropy

Vicki Escarra, Opportunity International, global CEO

Ellen-Blair Chube, Ariel Investments, vice president

Anna Palmer, Fashion Project, co-founder and CEO

Daniel Lee, Levi Strauss Foundation, Executive Director

Stephanie Cordes, Cordes Foundation, vice chair

Sarah Harris, Incite, vice president and founder

Jonathan Neman, sweetgreen, founder and co-CEO

Tom Davidson, PBS Digital, Senior Director

Stephen Kenn, artist

If you were at MCON or watched any of the presentations, tweet us @NPHub your biggest takeaway using #MCON.

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