The Year-End Fundraising Playbook

The Year-End Fundraising Playbook

with Nathan Hill

October 5th | 1:00 PM CT

The data shows that the year-end season is when nonprofits bring in the bulk of their revenue. But most organizations are missing out on even more donations. Often because they either won’t send more emails or don’t know the research-driven strategies to create higher converting donation appeals.

We reviewed the importance of year-end from the data itself to craft a better, more effective year-end email campaign.
In this session, you’ll discover key insights and takeaways providing strategies like:

● 3 different types of emails to use to build your year-end email campaign
● How to prime donors for forthcoming appeals using cultivation
● How to craft an effective donation appeal
● How to effectively remind donors to give as the year-end deadline approaches

Join our interactive live event where you can network with your peers in the nonprofit sector, ask questions to your host and leave with new knowledge to add to your nonprofit toolbox. After the event has ended, you’ll receive resources from the presentation and learn about upcoming webinars here at Nonprofit Hub via email.

Year-End Playbook
Nathan Hill webinar teacher of Write a Better Email Appeal in 9 Simple Steps

About the Presenter

Nathan Hill is a vice president at NextAfter – a research lab, digital-first agency, and training institute helping nonprofits grow their digital fundraising. Having worked at both large and small nonprofits, he understands the day-to-day challenges of running nonprofit programs while also trying to manage fundraising, marketing, websites, emails, advertising, and more. Nathan oversees the NextAfter Institute and has trained thousands of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers in proven online fund

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