Business Membership

Get recognized for the good you do.

Business membership is a must for companies that regularly work with the nonprofit sector, or, those who simply wish to be aligned with social impact and good work. Business membership is a win-win-win scenario:

Win 1

Your business is recognized and patronized for your good work.

Win 2

Nonprofit Hub receives the support it needs (we’re a nonprofit, too!) to elevate the sector with meaningful education.

Win 3

Nonprofits receive high-quality and relevant education without expectation.

Member Benefits Include

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Nonprofit Scholarship: Your membership comes with the sponsorship of one nonprofit Cause Network membership. You can choose a cause, or, we can connect you with one.

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Blog Post: Business members whose work relates to nonprofit growth can submit one article per year to be published through the Nonprofit Hub blogs which have a combined reach of nearly 50,000 nonprofit professionals!

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Cause Network: You’ll have access to a designated Business Member Channel in Cause Network and can navigate to the main network to connect with nonprofit professionals across the country in a social media style format and live member meet-ups.

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Backlinking: Have a related resource? We’ll backlink a relevant resource to an appropriate article on our site. Note: there is a limit of three backlinked resources a year.

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Event Promotion: Business Members receive 1 free event posting through the Nonprofit Hub Conferences and Events Program

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Discounts: You’ll have discounted and early access to partnership opportunities including $200 off sponsorships over $1,000 and $100 off any additional Conference and Event Program listings

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Social Proof: Permission to use the Nonprofit Hub Business Member badge on your website and marketing materials.

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Resource Directory Listing: Your business is recognized on our Good Referrals Directory, so nonprofits can find you as a trusted resource.

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