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Join now to build a network of resources and connections that help you and your organization thrive. Nonprofit Hub’s membership programs have the most robust benefits and lowest cost in the sector. Our platform is designed to help you network and grow. If you’re a driven nonprofit professional, you belong in our membership platform, Cause Network.

Whether you’re with a large team or a solo entrepreneur looking to start the next great cause, we have a membership package that will help you grow your network and your cause. Even for-profit businesses can access valuable education and exposure for the good they do through our business membership. Business memberships also receive exclusive perks and features. Start by taking a tour or select the membership that is right for you below.

Need more information or not sure which membership is the right one for you? Do you have additional questions? Reach out to our Marketing and Membership Engagement Specialist, Cara Godlesky, at [email protected] with any of your questions. We’d love to help you!



All Nonprofit Memberships Include:

Nonprofit Membership Check Mark

CFRE continuing education credit

Nonprofit Membership Check Mark

A mobile app for easy access on-the-go

Discounted access to Cause Camp!

Learn more about Cause Camp!

An interactive peer network

Nonprofit Membership Check Mark

All past Cause Camp conference recordings

A topic-based portfolio of webinars, articles, and guides

Self-paced courses, and discounts on premium courses

Affordable professional development memberships in the sector

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