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Online courses through Nonprofit Hub include a free membership to the Cause Network!

The nonprofit sector is an ever-changing landscape of new opportunities, technologies, and best practices. Keep your skills fresh and your resume strong by taking part in one of our online nonprofit courses. Each course includes a one-year subscription to the Cause Network, the membership platform of Nonprofit Hub. Network with peers, access a library of content, and take your education even further.

Grant Writing Basics Course

Never Enough Time

Taught by Lindsay LaShell

“Do less, get more”

Purpose-driven people and organizations often find themselves short on time, so understanding how to get consistent marketing results with less work is essential. This course will provide you with ideas and tips for managing internal marketing processes, strategies to save you time and make your marketing more effective, and more.

Grant Writing Basics Course

Grant Writing Basics

Online Nonprofit Certificate Course

Get serious about getting funded.

Grants can be an enormous boost or drain to your organization. The time, energy, and exacting nature of grant funding requests can be challenging. This class will walk you through the basics necessary to ensure your proposal is seen, vetted, and considered. Taught by grant writing and fund development expert, Teresa Huff. Teresa is also the host of the Grant Writing Simplified Podcast. 

The Digital Directive Course

Social Media Solution

Taught by Lindsay LaShell

Improve your online presence

Did you know you can literally walk away from social media channels you don’t like without sacrificing opportunities for you or your business? Remember when platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were a cost-effective way for you to spread the word about your organization? Unfortunately, that’s just not the case anymore. Discover which social media channels your organization actually needs.

The Digital Directive Course

The Digital Directive

Online Nonprofit Certificate Course

Become a Certified Digital Marketing Expert

Prepare for the tipping point of communication in the digital space. While snail mail and in-person coffee chats are still major drivers of philanthropy and volunteerism, the digital components of our lives are taking over. Be prepared to meet your audience where they’re at and to reflect your brand in a way that drives action. Digital marketing expert Ben Smithee teaches this online, self-paced course with 17 lessons covering everything from website content strategy to paid advertising.

Faith Foundations

Online Nonprofit Certificate Course

Amplify your message & your career.

This program offers three different sessions on foundational topics relevant to leading and growing a faith-based nonprofit. Level up your organization’s impact and your professional knowledge with expertise from nonprofit sector thought leaders providing insights tailored for those working in ministry.

Start A Nonprofit Class

Go from a great idea to a fully-functioning 501(c)(3).

It’s not easy to start a nonprofit, we get that. That’s why we are launching this video series to get your feet off the ground. Join Randy Hawthorne, Executive Editor of Nonprofit Hub, as he guides you through the process of launching a nonprofit. He’s started four of his own, so, yeah, he knows what he’s doing.

Board Basics Series

Break the ice

Ready to get your board talking about relevant issues? Let us break the ice with the help of our network of subject matter experts. The Board Basics Subscription provides a new 15-minute lesson each month on a topic relevant to nonprofits.

Essentials of Nonprofit Accounting

Understand and explain your finances

This course, courtesy of The Charity CFO, will guide you through the essentials of nonprofit accounting, presented in 3 easy-to-understand video lessons. Learn the differences between nonprofit and for-profit accounting, know how to tell if your NPO is financially healthy, and talk confidently about your finances with board members and donors.

Become a Member

Whether you’re with a large team or a solo entrepreneur looking to start the next great cause, we have a membership package that will help you grow your network and your cause.