Start a Nonprofit Class

Go from a great idea to a fully-functioning 501(c)(3)

It’s not easy to start a nonprofit, we get that. That’s why we are launching this video series to get your feet off the ground. Join Randy Hawthorne, Executive Editor of Nonprofit Hub, as he guides you through the process of launching a nonprofit. He’s started four of his own, so, yeah, he knows what he’s doing.

Randy will provide you with the information you need to create and maintain a successful nonprofit. This class is divided up into seven chapters: Starting With the Basics, Building Your Brand, Values & Culture, Let’s Get Down to Business, Establishing Your Team, Marketing Plan, Looking to the Future. You will also receive a digital copy of our Start A Nonprofit Class workbook.

Topics you’ll unpack in class:

Nonprofit Terminology

Building Your Mission Statement & Brand

Determining Your Values & Culture

Writing Your Articles of Incorporation

Building your Business Plan

Establishing Your Teams

Creating a Marketing Plan

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Whether you’re with a large team or a solo entrepreneur looking to start the next great cause, we have a membership package that will help you grow your network and your cause.