Capturing Stories Guide

Stories make an impact. When told well, they can attract donors and raise more support for your cause. Stories are great for establishing personal connections and helping those outside of your organization see the important work that takes place. With the help of good stories, your cause goes from an abstract or vague idea to something that’s more recognizable and tangible. It becomes “real.”

There’s a good chance you or your organization have some powerful stories that could be shared with the world, but the key is to tell them in a captivating way. Download this free Capturing Stories Guide with ten ingenious tips from Shanon Doolittle on how to curate meaningful stories to share with your audience.

You’ll take away:

How to choose an interviewee with an impactful story

Questions that make for good conversation

Tips for writing and crafting a story

…and so much more! We hope this guide is a great resource for you as you communicate your impact and share your stories with the world.

About Shanon: Special thanks to Shanon Doolittle for this free guide! Shanon is a passionate do-gooder who loves helping nonprofit fundraisers delight their donors, raise more money, and bring their personality and pizzaz to the fundraising party. In other words, Shanon wants to put the “fun” back into fundraising. Shanon is also known for speaking at Cause Camp 2021!

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