Cause Selling: Relationship-Driven Fundraising Guide

Get the guide to learn eight steps to become a better fundraiser!

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”  – Kathy Calvin

As fundraisers we can all agree that effective fundraising begins with a great mission. In addition, it is driven by a compelling message, and is sustained through meaningful relationships. After all, developing sustainable, meaningful relationships is what Cause Selling is all about.

However, you may be asking, “what is Cause Selling, exactly?” Cause Selling is the process of seeking out potential donors who have a need, interest, and passion for your cause. Also, it is assisting them to recognize and define that need. Additionally, Cause Selling is showing or demonstrating how your cause fulfills that need. It inspires them to donate to your cause.

This guide will take you through Cause Selling’s eight step, relationship-driven process. To sum it up, it will transport you from hoping for more gifts to taking action via a tangible, results-driven method that will leave everyone feeling the warm glow of giving.

This guide will go over key information on:

  • Prospecting: How to Find Qualified Donors

  • Pre-Approach: What to Do Before You Meet

  • Approach: Making a Positive First Impression

  • Need Discovery: How to Question and Listen Effectively

  • Presentation: How to be Engaging and Compelling

  • Handling Objections: Turn Hesitation into Commitment

  • The Ask: How to Confirm the Gift

  • Stewardship: Follow-Up that Fosters Loyalty

Now, its time to download the guide and get started on your journey to become a better fundraiser!

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