Demystifying Facebook Audiences

Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world. Despite its problems and controversies, it’s still a powerhouse platform for nonprofit marketers. In fact, 79% of Americans use Facebook, and more than half—53%—use Facebook multiple times over the course of a day. Broadly speaking, about 22% of the world’s population are active users on the platform. This means that there’s a good chance several people in your target market are on Facebook right at this moment. But how do you reach them? How do you go about demystifying Facebook audiences?

With this free guide from Journity, you can discover just how to do that. This guide breaks down what you need to know about Facebook Pixel, perhaps the most valuable tool for you nonprofit’s Facebook use. It also touches on donations, retargeting, and much more. Consider this your go-to resource for demystifying Facebook audiences!

In addition, here’s more of what you’ll learn:

What’s the big deal with Facebook?

How to pick your audience from every Facebook user worldwide

How to stretch beyond your usual website traffic

What on earth is a lookalike audience? And how do you retarget an audience from Facebook?

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