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A Village for Good

Welcome to the Village…look around…stay a while…we are glad you’re here.

A Village for Good is a social enterprise business mapping a new way to work within nonprofit development and philanthropy – a very specific space where small nonprofit organizations looking for assistance with grant readiness connect with passionate development professionals who are looking for experience and practice.

A Village for good is founded on the belief that amazing amounts of good can be done with support, equality, and community. The fundraising world is playing catch-up with social movements gaining ground around the globe. The more we do individually, the less good we accomplish. Fundraising work CAN be a community-led force, where the folks with the money, the folks with talent, and the folks with the passion are all working on the same team – with equal space – to change the world. We are here to help you navigate a world that is beginning to change. Let’s work toward that change together…now…here…in A Village for Good.

Oh, and if you are in a hurry and need to quickly find out if our Village is what you need, just scroll down a tiny bit more…you’re almost there (but we hope you look around a little longer).

Looking to Get Grant Ready?

Do you want to incorporate grant funds into your agency’s funding strategy but need some help getting grant ready? Finding donors? Grant writing? All of the above?  Let us help you connect to relevant resources, work with a passionate community, and learn a whole lot along the way.  We are designed just for you!

Looking to Gain Training and Experience?

Are you new to fundraising and grant writing and want real practice to gain more experience?  We have lots of room for passionate people who want to help nonprofits make a difference.  If you have questions about grant writing work and useful tools, let’s talk about what makes sense for you.