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At Blue Fox, we cheerfully provide outsourced accounting, payroll and tax preparation, virtual CFO level support, and consulting services for nonprofits, social enterprises and you!

Go ahead, delegate your back office operations to our friendly team of nonprofit accounting experts! We will give you more in your day to focus on your mission, serve others and make our world a better place. Let Blue Fox be your trusted advisor that hand delivers strategic insights and financial framework for future decision making. We will set you up with the latest and greatest nonprofit tech, ensure accounting data accuracy, and serve you with our radically client- focused approach. Our philosophy is that people matter; you matter. That’s why we build financially sustainable organizations by assisting and empowering social impact leaders, like you!

Our Mission:

To disrupt the traditional accounting model through technology, innovation, and a radically client-focused approach that truly empowers nonprofits and social enterprises.

Our Five Pillars of Service:

Accuracy- Precision is our game and Blue Fox is our name. Our team serves our clients with over 75 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience. We are total numbers nerds- we love what we do and it shows! We strive for perfection and utilize internal checks and balances to achieve that standard. Does your organization struggle to get a clean audit every year? Well, our clients get them every year with our help.

Analysis- We believe the real value in having a professional accounting team is getting the analysis right. An analysis that reveals strategic insights and builds a framework for future decision-making. Actionable, real-time financial data and reports can tell you where to invest in staff and resources to achieve your goals. It’s not about penny-pinching – it’s about a full understanding of the leverage and power in every dollar to build a sustainable organization. The numbers say it all, if you choose to listen.

Technology- Delivering services and support virtually, we are disrupting the accounting business model, one stress-free, satisfied customer at a time. We leverage cloud based tools and innovative approaches to solving internal back office problems. We take a best-of-breed, agile approach to our tech solutions to ensure that clients get exactly the right combinations of tools to fit their needs.

Education- We are passionate about empowering leaders in the social impact space by providing them access to actionable financial data. Our team provides coaching and consulting to nonprofits organizations and social enterprises alike to deepen their financial acumen. The ultimate goal is to aid in future strategic decision making. Our founder spent her career in both nonprofit leadership and strategic management roles.

Camaraderie- Our clients receive the highest quality service from the cheery Blue Fox team. So much so that we form solid bonds and clients often become friends. While some firms refer to their clients as a portfolio or a book of business, we refer to ours as family. We love people. We love our clients. And, we are passionate about supporting their impact on the communities they serve.

We’re Ready to Assist You! 

If this sounds like the level of support your organization is looking for, give us a shout any time at [email protected] or (321) 233-3311. We look forward to speaking with you!