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Why would an Apple Expert IT Consulting firm start a free month-long conference for nonprofits about technology?

Because we’ve seen what happens when tech isn’t prioritized.

Because we’ve worked at the nonprofits where it wasn’t.

Because we know we can make a difference.

That was the driving force to create – out of nothing.

Many of you have started your nonprofits the same way. It was an idea, need, or desire to create change.

That’s what Virtua Consulting is doing.

With 14 years in business running an Apple consultancy, Justin Esgar, the founder of the NonprofIT SummIT, figured out one thing. It was that nonprofits were not putting resources into their technology correctly. Too many smaller nonprofits were continuously choosing the lowest-cost IT options, reserving as many dollars as possible to keep funding their amazing causes. In theory, that makes sense. If you run a nonprofit and are granted any money, you want that to go directly to your cause. However, Justin found one metric that kept being overlooked — productivity. When staff is running on slow, older computers, the website isn’t mobile-friendly, or there is data sprawl, the team’s progress is limited and fundraising goals are often missed.

Armed with that knowledge, Justin set out to help nonprofits maximize their productivity through intelligent, efficient IT tools and processes while staying within budget and achieving their fundraising goals. With guidance from Justin and his team, nonprofits of every scale have been achieving stable, continuing growth year after year. Justin realized that industry-specific IT expertise is fundamental for the 92% of nonprofits that make less than $1m in revenue annually—to help them dismantle internal barriers and break through their current self-capped ceilings.

Hence, Virtua Consulting created two new initiatives:

  1. The site is called It is where nonprofits go to learn about technology.
  2. The Nonprof-IT SummIT – a free conference, brings in industry experts to help pave the way for nonprofits.

Their goal is to help all nonprofits succeed and grow, one smart decision at a time.