Donor Engagement Retargeting

What is retargeting?

Perhaps you’re wondering: what exactly is retargeting? In short, it allows you to direct ads to individual users based on actions they take on your website. For example, these individuals may have visited a specific page on your site, liked your organization’s page on Facebook, donated to a project, signed up for a weekly newsletter, or interacted with your cause in the past. Retargeting is a way to bring these users back to you.

In this free downloadable guide from Journity, you will learn how to use retargeting to convert visitors to donors. After all, most people who visit your site won’t sign up or donate if it’s their first visit. Generally speaking, 98% of traffic does not convert. But, the more often these users come across your site and your cause, the more likely they are to take action. You can make that happen!

In addition, here’s more of what you’ll learn in this guide:

What retargeting is & how it drives donor engagement

How to retarget your donors

Five tips to get your donors more engaged

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