A Guide to Donor Retention


A Guide to Donor Retention

On average, about 2 in 10 donors who gave to an organization last year will give to that organization again this year. While it’s great to have some donors become repeat donors, several nonprofits are missing out on an opportunity to boost their revenue by engaging the remaining 80%. Donor retention is about winning your donors’ trust over time, so they can be motivated to give again. One key reason first-time donors may not give again is the lack of an emotional connection with the nonprofit. If you don’t stay engaged with first-time donors, show your credibility and highlight the continued impact of your organization’s work, it’s only a matter of time before you lose them.

The “Guide to Donor Retention” from Fundraising Kit discusses:

  • What is Donor Retention Rate
  • 3 Key Strategies for Improving Your Donor Retention Rate

  • How to Calculate Donor Retention Rate

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