The Magic of Appreciation: Build A Strong Relationship with Your Virtual Event P2P Fundraisers

with Maureen Wallbeoff

August 5 | 11:00 AM CDT

You have the power to transform a transactional relationship into a solid, long-term partnership! Maureen will share practical examples of ways to engage your P2P fundraisers, draw them more deeply into your organization, and help them raise more money. Whether you’re a virtual P2P event pro or if this is your first rodeo, you’ll come away with fresh ideas and inspiration.

How to Acquire New Donors and Create an Engaging Donor Journey in 2020

with Robin Cabral

August 12 | 10:00 AM CDT

Join Robin L. Cabral, as she takes you through a multichannel approach to donor communications through using lead magnets and customer sales maps to acquire new donors, align digital strategies to form a cohesive donor journey, and build meaningful donor relationships through timely touchpoints.  

Virtual Donor Engagement During the Pandemic and Beyond

with Caliopy Glaros

August 19 | 2:00 PM CDT

Rather than focus on executing one successful event, Caliopy will share best practices on how to position your virtual experiences within your entire engagement strategy so that you can continue to create deep connections with donors throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Trauma-Informed Nonprofit Leadership

with Noah Teitelbaum

September 9 | 2:00 PM CDT

This interactive session applies the lessons of trauma-informed teaching to leadership & management. To help people feel at ease while doing their best, managers must understand what trauma is, learn about its neurological effects, and identify how people struggling with trauma “show up.” Attend this webinar to learn how to successfully lead, teach, and work with trauma-impacted colleagues in a post-COVID environment.

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