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Businesses + Nonprofits Partnering for ROI of Third Kind 

with Bill McKendry

September 17 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT

This webinar made possible by HundredX

Bill McKendry has been mixing business and nonprofit organization passion and purpose with and for clients for over 25 years. Bill will share a few tips and examples of how best to create brand and cause advocacy that creates win-win-win situations for both businesses and nonprofits alike. Bill will highlight examples from well-known companies such as REI, Furniture Row, and JBL while discussing best practices. 

Three Learning Objectives:

The takeaways from Bill’s presentation will challenge the audience to view public/private partnership in a new light and have a new perspective on the potential returns from these relationships, including: 

RO Investment – Leverageable for the good of business, nonprofit and cause 

RO Involvement – Engaging good done/felt by company, employees, customers, vendors, etc. 

RO Impact – Measurably good for the people/things in need

Dr. Kelley Misata | Free educational nonprofit webinars

Why Nonprofit Data Requires Cyber Insurance

with Nathan Waddell

September 22 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT


Donors and individuals receiving services and employee data all contain information that could prove devastating if stolen. Should your organization be locked out of your data in a ransomware attack, it could be paralyzing and very costly. In this webinar, Nathan Waddell of Lockton Kansas City’s Cyber Technology Practice will share, in layman terms, what a cyber-insurance policy will do for your organization in the event of a loss or ransomware attack. Get more details here.

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Avoiding Pitfalls with Government Grants

with Brian Tipton, Esq.

September 24 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT


Are you a new Federal grantee, considering applying for a government grant, or just curious about Federal funding? Then you will want to join attorney Brian Tipton as he discusses pitfalls of government grants and how to avoid falling into these common traps.  Avoid making costly mistakes with your grants by registering for this special one-hour webinar.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented response by the United States government and increased interest in Federal grants across the nonprofit sector.  Many nonprofits have recently received or applied for Federal awards or subawards for the first time.  However, government grants come with important (and sometimes counterintuitive) compliance requirements.


Dr. Kelley Misata | Free educational nonprofit webinars

The 6-Step Process to Grow Your Donor Base by Hundreds Every Month

with Chris Barlow

October 6 | 2:00-3:00 PM CT


What if you could follow a process that helped you attract and retain donors, while also aligning perfectly with your mission? This Hubinar will answer that question! The presenter will go over the 6-step process to consistently attract new donors, a key strategy to turn brand new people into immediate first-time donors, and how you can use this approach to retain current donors. Get more details here.

Dana Snyder

How to Use Facebook and Instagram Ads to Inspire YE Giving

with Dana Snyder

October 13 | 2:00-3:00 PM CT

Stop throwing money into the proverbial wind of social media! Join us for a one-hour strategy session with digital marketing expert Dana Snyder.  Dana will cover what your organization can (and should) do this year-end giving season to engage donors on social media and get results. 

Learning Objectives:
1. Four Myths About Facebook & Instagram Ads
2. Boosting vs Running Ads
3. What do iOS updates mean?
4. The Donor Attraction Method – A 4-part ad campaign on Facebook & Instagram to generate more website traffic and donations
Dr. Kelley Misata | Free educational nonprofit webinars

Finding Funding & Building Relationships with Grantors

with Andrea Ortega and Caitlyn Cawthon

October 20 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT


No matter the stage you are at in your organization, different grant opportunities exist and we want to share with you what’s important about navigating grant funding and how to build relationships with prospective grantors. Building relationships in the grant world can be very beneficial, sometimes, it is who you know. Creating a positive impact and first impressions through your interactions with grantors can help set you up for success! Get more details here.
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How to Increase Donations with Retargeted Ads

with Katie Brown

October 27 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT

 Did you know that around 82% of people who visit your donation page leave without making a donation?

Well, don’t let that number get you down. There’s something you can do about it! Join us for a 30-minute workshop in which Feathr’s Senior Manager of Partnerships, Katie Brown, will show you how to steal a page from the for-profit playbook and use a proven marketing tactic to increase online giving for your organization.

We’ll explore:

  • The basics of ad retargeting
  • Donation abandonment campaigns & other ways to engage donors
  • Sample ads from some of our nonprofit customers
  • Tips for building campaigns of your own
Dr. Kelley Misata | Free educational nonprofit webinars

Fundraising Compliance for In-Person and Virtual Events

with Sharon Cody

November 3 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT


If event planning is on your organization’s to-do list, join us at this webinar to learn the best practices and insightful strategies that can help make your virtual or in-person event both successful and compliant. Get more details here.

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