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John Mahood and Melissa Smith | Free educational nonprofit webinars

An Investigative Branding Conversation

with John Mahood and Melissa Smith

August 4 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT


What your nonprofit is doing is cool, but do your donors know that? Let’s dive into an investigative branding conversation to help you bring out the cool factor and better communicate that to your donors. In this webinar you will learn how to better message your organization’s work and successes; increase donor engagement; learn how to ensure your branding, messaging, and storytelling is exciting and engaging for your donors. Get more details here.

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John Mahood and Melissa Smith | Free educational nonprofit webinars

Understanding Why People Give

with Laura White Ludvik, CFRM

August 11 | 2:00-3:00 PM CT


One of the greatest uncertainties in fundraising is understanding what drives a donor to give. This Hubinar will help you understand how donors make decisions, the communication process as it relates to your prospects, and how to recognize barriers to effective communication. Get more details here.

Dr. Kelley Misata | Free educational nonprofit webinars

Pt. II: Not Like All the Rest – Cybersecurity through the Lens of Nonprofits

with Dr. Kelley Misata

August 18 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT


Join us for the second of our three-part series with Sightline Security’s Chief Trailblazer and Founder, Dr. Kelley Misata, as she shares timely insights and new approaches to help you and your organization improve how you safeguard the information that is critical to your mission. As a nonprofit, Sightline understands the challenges you face. This webinar will help bring into view why cyber and information security matters to nonprofits of ALL sizes and missions, what makes nonprofits unique when it comes to cybersecurity, and what approaches work. Get more details here.

Stephen Garten | Free educational nonprofit webinars

6 Financial Pitfalls Every Nonprofit Should Avoid

with Stephen Garten

August 25 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT


Stephen Garten, CEO and Founder of Charity Charge, pulls back the curtain and discusses the most prevalent financial pitfalls that plague nonprofit organizations, both large and small. Partnering with over 1,500 schools, associations, and charitable organizations across the country including 1% for the Planet, Meals on Wheels, JCC, United Way, and the YMCA, Stephen is sharing the most important financial learnings and real life stories he has gathered from his experiences working with Executive Directors, CFOs, accountants, and board members across a variety of industries. Get more details here.

Steve Boland | Free educational nonprofit webinars

Past the “Friends and Family” Board of Directors: Using digital tools to recruit, train, and retain a strategic board

with Steve Boland

September 8 | 2:00-3:00 PM CT


Volunteer leadership in nonprofit boards can often fall to “who do we know?” rather than “what do we need?”  Placing the strategic needs of the organization first often means reaching outside existing networks for candidates, and that can be a stumbling block in creating a board that adds real value to the mission. Get more details here.

Receive 1 CFRE credit for attending!

Dr. Kelley Misata | Free educational nonprofit webinars

Pt. III: The Importance of Protecting Mission-Critical Data in Your Nonprofit Organization

with Dr. Kelley Misata

September 15 | 10:00-11:00 AM CT


With an influx of cybersecurity events in the media, every organization, including nonprofits, is being called upon to understand better what data they have and take a proactive leadership role in protecting mission-critical data from harm or misuse. In this third webinar, we, Sightline Security, bring to you nationally recognized cybersecurity best practices but not in a typical way. We’ve translated it into nonprofit language so you can use it in your organization today – and it doesn’t require expensive consultants or complicated technologies. Get more details here.

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