Know Your Audience for Great Fundraising Communications

As fundraisers, it’s important to know your nonprofit audience. Who are the individuals you’re targeting?

If your answer is “people who care about my cause,” you’re right, but that’s not very helpful when you’re designing great fundraising communications. Instead, get deeply inside your audience’s heads.

What motivates these donors? What values do they have? Why do they give? What’s their interaction with you like?

Hint: you probably have multiple donor “personas”–and it helps to define them. Once you’ve figured them out, you can reference each persona on the team and design great fundraising materials geared to each donor type.

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Think You Know Your Audience? Yeah, So Did I [Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog]


Marc Koenig

Marc Koenig is a regular contributor of Nonprofit Hub. Marc believes smart, ethical marketing can make the world a better place, and strives to create content that helps nonprofits tell better stories, push their organizations to excel and do work that matters. You'll find him writing Nonprofit Hub featured posts, brainstorming infographics and tweeting up a storm at @npmarc - follow him and say hi!

May 3, 2013

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