Map and Modernize Your Data Strategy: Part 2

Mapping and Modernizing Your Data Strategy for Longterm Success: Part 2

Part two of this guide can help your organization map and modernize its data strategy.

Achieving a high-performance data strategy means your organization uses data to make informed decisions at all levels. You’ve built a culture that values data and have a strong infrastructure to support data collection, analysis, and reporting. Your team members are empowered to use data to make decisions, and you’re using data to ensure that your organization meets its overarching goals.

The Social Solutions data maturity model is designed to help organizations reach this point. By following the model’s four stages, you can ensure that your organization is using data strategy to make informed decisions and drive toward your desired outcomes. You’ll be able to secure funding, improve your operations, and provide better services to the people you serve. With data as your guide, you can achieve high performance and create lasting change in your community.

Key Takeaways are:

  • Committing to data
  • Counting outputs
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Managing outcomes

This guide is a follow-up on Part One of Mapping and Modernizing Data Strategy.

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