About Nonprofit Hub

Nonprofit Hub is the #1 nonprofit toolbox for professionals like you working in the toughest sector there is! We are a small but mighty team dedicated to helping fellow nonprofits tackle the toughest challenges of our time with excellence. 


Nonprofit Hub is an educational collective that curates content and experiences inspiring nonprofit excellence.



A thriving nonprofit sector elevated by the achievement of nonprofit excellence and a connected ecosystem of people, resources, and learning.




A few things that are important to us…


Delightfully Empowered

Whether through unexpected value, exceptional experience, or revelation, we aim to delight and empower our audience and Stakeholders. Our essence is fueled by the power of passion of a large nonprofit network. We’re proud to be not-for-profit and all for purpose.


Everything we do is about others. Audience members, speakers, contributors, sponsors, or vendors are all our valued stakeholders whose success reflects back on us. In all we do, big and small, every day or extraordinary, we aim to set others up for success – including our fellow team members.


We provide authoritative, inspiring, and easily consumed knowledge on the nonprofit sector’s most prevailing questions or problems through educational media and memorable experiences.

Unabashedly Ambitious

This organization thrives on a drive to serve nonprofits. We feel no shame in going beyond conventional or expected methods to delight and equip our audience. 


We not only expect excellence, we pursue raising the bar on what is considered excellent in all we do. Nonprofit excellence rests in the strength of its people, management, and systems which we replicate to improve performance and increase value.

Our History

Our history begins in the early 2010s when a group of passionate individuals in Lincoln, Nebraska, recognized the need for a comprehensive resource hub dedicated to providing knowledge, tools, and inspiration for nonprofit professionals and organizations.

The founding members, driven by their commitment to social good, came together and launched Nonprofit Hub in 2012. The organization’s primary goal was to fill the gap in accessible and practical information for nonprofits, regardless of their size or mission. They envisioned a platform that would serve as a one-stop-shop for nonprofits to learn, connect, and grow.

As the organization’s influence grew, Nonprofit Hub expanded its offerings and launched additional initiatives to serve nonprofits better. It established The Nonprofit Hub Radio podcast series featuring interviews with industry experts and thought leaders, sharing insights, best practices, and hard conversations to combat the limiting beliefs and constraints in the sector.

Nonprofit Hub also organized virtual and in-person conferences, workshops, and training sessions, and provides a network platform for nonprofit professionals to learn from one another.

Cause Camp, among it’s most recognized programs, is a national nonprofit conference that Forbes Magazine has nationally recognized as one of the best conferences in America for the nonprofit sector.

But before it became the nonprofit conference sensation that it is now, Cause Camp started with humble roots. It all started twenty years ago when esteemed members of the Lincoln chapter of the American Marketing Association created a community project in 2001. The association offered a half-day seminar, “Marketing 101”, to nonprofit groups throughout the state of Nebraska. After that, similar events called Brand Camp were held on and off annually through 2009.

In 2010, the event had a transformation. A rebrand was conducted, and the event claimed its rightful name, Cause Camp. As speakers became more well-known, the event continued to grow in popularity. Eventually, Nonprofit Hub began curating the content of Cause Camp in 2015, in partnership with Lincoln AMA as the founding sponsor.

Over the years, Nonprofit Hub would reinvent the conference over and over again, adding national speakers, entertaining emcees, diverse topics and sessions, attracting attendees from several states, and live-streaming the event throughout the country.

Nonprofit Hub continued to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the nonprofit sector. In 2020, the organization’s leadership changed hands and became a registered nonprofit corporation in the state of Michigan with a dedicated team of staff and board members from around the country. It embraced technological advancements, integrated online learning platforms, webinars, and interactive tools to enhance the learning experience.

Cause Network Nonprofit MembershipCause Network was founded to be a virtual community for growth and networking, members enjoy the entire library of on-demand webinars, guides, courses, discounts to Cause Camp, and a platform that opens the door to learning from nonprofit pros around the world. The organization also fostered partnerships with other nonprofit support organizations, foundations, and corporate sponsors to
expand its impact.

In recognition of its exceptional contribution to the sector, Nonprofit Hub’s programs receive several acclaims and acknowledgments for its innovative approach and dedication to nonprofit capacity building. Its commitment to empowering nonprofits and amplifying their voices has inspired countless individuals and organizations to make a positive difference in their communities.

Nonprofit Hub remains a trusted resource for nonprofits, continuing to provide valuable content, training, and networking opportunities for upwards of fifty thousand professionals every month.

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