The Silver Bullet for Vitality in Websites for Nonprofits

Every day in your office, there are signs of life. People are chatting, answering phones, working on their computers, volunteers may be coming and going—if a supporter stopped by to make a donation, he’d be able to see that your organization is getting things accomplished.

Let’s say that same person decides to donate online. Would he see signs of life there too, or would he see a ghost town? If you’ve had the same content on your homepage for the past few years, you could be giving the impression that nothing’s going on.

Websites for nonprofits are an organization’s central nervous system. It’s the core center of your brand; everything you do should point back to or be reflected on your site. And the last impression you want to give is that no one’s home.

This is where vitality comes in: I define it as “the perception of fresh content.”

When people come to your website, you want them to get the sense that your website is active—that people are visiting, things are evolving, content is being updated and good things are happening.

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Jay Wilkinson

May 7, 2015

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