The TikTok for Nonprofits Guide

Your Nonprofit’s Future is on TikTok!

TikTok is for the next generation of do-gooders as well as nonprofits! This social engagement platform is more than a passing fad. It’s a hub of creativity, and it’s also sparking change among a whole new generation of advocates, volunteers, and donors. TikTok is an incredibly inclusive community that allows users to speak their minds and connect with people from around the globe. While TikTok is for everyone, and it’s especially for nonprofits! Don’t be like the organization that thought Facebook was going to fizzle out. Instead, get ready to adopt the platform that will help your nonprofit prepare for the future.

The TikTok for Nonprofits Guide will help you…

  • Grow your audience and engage the next generation of change-makers
  • Learn the demographics of TikTok users
  • Understand why to target Generation Z
  • Discover TikTok strategies as well as content ideas

Prepare your organization to learn, grow and connect using TikTok. Educate others on your cause and how they further your mission. Spread awareness, overcome a stigma, raise funds, or just make people laugh! Whatever you do, make sure you understand the TikTok platform and how to best leverage it.


TikTok for Nonprofits Guide

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