3 Ways to Become a Stronger Nonprofit Leader

3 Ways to Become a Stronger Nonprofit Leader

with Joel Kessel

Feb. 23 | 1:00 – 2:00PM CT

Leaders in the nonprofit sector face unique challenges compared to other industries. From ever-changing donor needs to board meetings to putting out fires on a daily basis, nonprofit leadership takes courage and wisdom. It also takes a certain set of skills and qualities. This webinar will provide you with 3 ways to become a stronger nonprofit leader, and give you some actionable ways to grow.

Perhaps you’re in an executive director role and looking to better support your team. Or perhaps you hope to be in a leadership position but aren’t sure where you fit in within the sector. Whether you’re brand new or have years of experience, this session will provide some clarity. With 25 years of strategic advising experience, Joel Kessel of Kessel Strategies is prepared to guide you through 3 ways to become a better leader.


In this webinar, you’ll also learn:

  • The difference between management and leadership
  • How certain individuals thrived in their roles with leadership coaching
  • More information on Nonprofit Hub’s new peer growth cohorts
  • And, more!
Joe Kessel Become a Stronger Nonprofit Leader Webinar
Joe Kessel Become a Stronger Nonprofit Leader Webinar

About the Presenter

Joel is a strategic advisor who helps nonprofits increase their impact through strategic planning and advising. For more than 25 years Joel has been advising, training, and guiding growth-minded nonprofit organizations as well as for-profit leaders and entrepreneurial-minded business owners to think more strategically and communicate more effectively so they can impact the people they lead. In recent years, Joel has provided strategic planning, advising support and direction and has delivered trainings and workshops to numerous nonprofit organizations. As a trusted advisor, he serves as a private sounding board, expert strategist, someone with a fresh perspective, and what a few have even called him: “The calm in the center of our storm.”

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