4 Common Nonprofit Data Mistakes

Common Nonprofit Data Mistakes

with Andrea Hall & Samantha Mestwarp

November 2nd | 1:00 PM CT

Data has the power to address many common nonprofit challenges. From collecting donations to organizing volunteers, data can revolutionize the way your nonprofit operates—if it’s collected and managed properly. If your organization is still using paper forms or if you’re collecting data with a program that causes more problems than it solves, you may be missing out on opportunities to take your nonprofit to the next level. In this session, you’ll hear from FormAssembly’s subject matter experts, Andrea Hall, Director of Customer Success & Implementation Services, and Samantha Mestwarp, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, regarding best practices to free up resources, raise funds, and achieve mission-critical goals with better data.

Pain points that infiltrate everyday operations will be addressed to help you optimize business processes and worry less about data roadblocks from administrative headaches to information technology errors. Attendees will be charged with actionable steps in handling common nonprofit mistakes and achieve the following goals:

  • Expanding the reach and maximum impact of their nonprofit programs, both financially and socially
  • Cleaning up tangled processes to streamline the way they manage programs and deliver services
  • Furthering the empowerment and uplifting of the communities they serve
  • Maintaining and strengthening relationships with their loyal volunteers and donors through effective data collection
Common nonprofit mistakes

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About the Presenter

Andrea Hall is the Director of Customer Success and Implementation Services at FormAssembly. Having been with the company for 8+ years, Andrea develops strategies to provide optimal customer experiences for organizations who trust FormAssembly to be good stewards of the data they collect.

Chris Barlow - Corporate Partner Webinar

About the Presenter

Samantha Mestwarp is a Senior Account Executive at FormAssembly with more than four years of experience in the nonprofit space. Her focus is on helping nonprofits eliminate manual data entry by modernizing their fundraising, volunteer management, event registrations, and other day-to-day tasks.

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