Cut Costs & Get Creative with Nonprofit Appeals

Cut Costs & Get Creative with Nonprofit Appeals

with Kiersten Hill

May 2 | 2:00-3:00 PM CT

Are you struggling to get your board’s help in fundraising? Are you feeling like you could be raising more money but aren’t sure where to start? Do your funding sources require an enormous effort from volunteers and staff? Have you received feedback that your results are unclear or not meaningful? And lastly, do you want to build confidence in major-gift solicitations? 

We’re here to help! This webinar will help you build a culture of philanthropy that can transform your fundraising efforts. We’ll also discuss how to identify philanthropic intent with an investor. In addition, we’ll touch on how to change the conversation within your nonprofit to focus more on investable outcomes than activity or outputs. After all, nonprofit sustainability is not about writing a better grant or relying on the “3Gs” (golf, galas, and giveaways).

To sum it up, it’s about delivering outcomes and the impact that people value in order to make their community a better place to live. 

In this webinar, you will walk away knowing:

  • What a culture of philanthropy means
  • Which steps to take to build culture in your nonprofit organization 
  • How to get your board on board with fundraising efforts 
  • The difference between donors and investors 
  • How to successfully make the ask for major gift investments that can have transformative effects
  • and more!
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About the Presenter

Kiersten Hill, is a Nebraska-native born and raised in North Platte. She graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. With almost two decades in nonprofit management and fundraising, she has raised over $20 million for Nebraska nonprofit organizations and worked to better train and equip nonprofit leaders and boards of directors.

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