Diversify Funding Models to Grow & Sustain Nonprofit Impact

Diversify Funding Models to Grow & Sustain Nonprofit Impact

with Rashaunda Williams

September 6 | 3:30 – 4:30 PM CT

This webinar is for organizations who are tired of relying on the same old funding methods for their nonprofit. Rashaunda Williams will provide a wealth of information on various funding sources, including in-kind donations, fundraising, unrestricted funds, earned income, and more. This webinar is here to guide you on your journey to diversify funding.

  • Generate earned income for greater nonprofit self-sufficiency.
  • Engage major donors through customized pitches and relationships.
  • Seek multi-year unrestricted grants to increase flexibility and impact.

The journey towards funding diversity can feel daunting, but with the right guide, your nonprofit can find the mix that sustains your mission. Rashaunda Williams has walked this road before and has seen the power of thinking creatively. Her webinar will re-energize your strategy and empower your team to maximize impact for years to come. With fresh perspectives, strong partnerships, and unambiguous action plans mapped out, you can make that dream of greater reach a reality. Join us as we venture beyond old limits and expand the art of the possible in the nonprofit sector. The first step is often the hardest, but with an uncertain climate ahead, the time for courage and innovation is now. Feel the fear and do it anyway – a whole world is waiting for the change you dare to create.

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About the Presenter

Rashaunda Williams is the president of Collective Impact an organization that brings together nonprofits and for-profits to affect social change. She is a marketing expert and a passionate advocate for BIPOPC-Led nonprofits. In 2022 she helped the hundreds of grassroots organizations secure over $4 million in COVID relief programs and unrestricted funding.

Rashaunda is an Air Force veteran and holds a Bachelor’s in Advertising/Marketing and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. Rashaunda is leading the way in creating a new model for social change.

Rashaunda has been featured on the “Creating You, Creating Her” women’s summit and the “We are for Good”, “Dream Mentorship”, “She Boss Talk”, and “Light the Path” podcasts.

When not working or serving her community, Ms. Williams enjoys shopping at Thrift stores and repurposing furniture. She is the mother to a wonderful son, Zion, and two fur babies, Max and Lilly.

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