Tapping Into LinkedIn: Engaging Sponsors, Members & Donors

Tapping Into LinkedIn: Engaging Sponsors, Members & Donors

with Frank Kunkle

August 2 | 12:00-1:00 PM CT

More than 740 million professionals have a profile on LinkedIn and the platform offers some really interesting ways to engage with them. Nonprofits that understand how to incorporate LinkedIn into their fundraising and marketing plans untap novel revenue streams for existing programs and new ones alike. Imagine what you might share with your audience if you could only reach them efficiently.

Working predominantly within LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool, you can gain valuable insights into using the powerful platform to grow your nonprofit organization’s network and attract new customers, sponsors, and corporate members. Actually see inside the Sales Navigator platform as you learn how to target audiences, employ proper outreach etiquette, adopt the “most precious resource” outreach strategy and more.

After the webinar, you will be prepared to get started developing new revenue through LinkedIn right away. You’ll walk away understanding how to:

  • Begin using Sales Navigator (a LinkedIn platform) to bring in new potential customers, sponsors, and corporate members
  • Choose the right plans and features Target audiences effectively and refine them as results come in
  • Create an outreach plan
  • Develop content that resonates with your audience since a successful LinkedIn outreach strategy works best when content marketing principles are used
  • Use LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform – looking under the hood at how to manage lists, and execute connection requests, LinkedIn messages, and InMails
  • Follow appropriate etiquette for LinkedIn outreach
  • Employ a “most precious resource” outreach strategy and learn the different ways you can contact users through LinkedIn
  • Continuously improve your outreach
Nonprofits Use LinkedIn
Nonprofits Use LinkedIn

About the Presenter

Frank studied psychology and strategic communication at Temple University after growing up just outside Philly. He’s been designing and executing marketing programs that grow brands’ revenue and customer lists for more than a decade thanks to his background in lead generation and social media marketing.

After success in the nonprofit sector directing marketing teams for STEM-focused organizations, Frank created a brand called Being Frank. A mix of software companies and mission-based organizations seek his talents at using LinkedIn for outreach and development. The company he steers will celebrate its first year in operation this coming August and offers standardized, proven marketing solutions.

Frank also cares deeply about elevating the career experience of all people who live with an impairment and uses his blog to educate on his mantra that people with disabilities want to contribute to society, not just participate in it. Frank was born with a rare disorder of the eye and is legally blind.

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