Influencer Marketing For Nonprofits

Influencer Marketing For Nonprofits

with Nick Lynch

October 25 | 11:00-12:00 PM CT

We’ll explore the powerful fusion of influencer marketing for nonprofits and impact. In an era where digital platforms wield unprecedented influence, harnessing this potential for the greater good is not just a possibility—it’s a responsibility. We’ll dive deep into the concept of influencer marketing as a force for social impact. We’ll unveil how influencers, with their engaged and expansive audiences, can become catalysts for positive transformations across various spheres.

Through captivating expert insights, we’ll demonstrate how brands, non-profits, and social initiatives can effectively collaborate with influencers to amplify their messages. Discover the nuances of crafting authentic partnerships that resonate with audiences and drive genuine engagement.

Explore successful campaigns that have tackled diverse global challenges. Learn how strategic alignment between influencers and causes can ignite conversations, mobilize support, and ignite actionable change.

But it’s not just about theory – this presentation is rooted in practicality. Gain actionable strategies for identifying the right influencers, structuring campaigns with purpose, and measuring the real-world impact of your efforts. From micro-influencers with hyper-local reach to macro-influencers with international resonance, we’ll explore the spectrum of possibilities.

Whether you’re a marketing professional seeking innovative approaches or a nonprofit professional eager to amplify your message, this session offers valuable insights to navigate the intersection of influence and impact. The session will conclude with a dynamic Q&A segment that will provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the strategies, challenges, and opportunities presented by the evolving landscape of influencer-driven social change.

Key Takeaways:

  • Influencer marketing for nonprofits  and social impact can be a powerful combination.
  • Influencers can play a significant role in promoting positive change across different areas.
  • Effective collaboration between brands, non-profits, and influencers is crucial for resonating with audiences and driving engagement.
  • Successful campaigns that address global challenges through influencer partnerships will be explored.
  • Practical strategies for identifying the right influencers, structuring purpose-driven campaigns, and measuring real-world impact will be provided.
  • The webinar covers a spectrum of influencer types, from micro-influencers to macro-influencers.
  • Valuable insights are offered for marketing professionals and nonprofit professionals looking to amplify their message.
  • The session includes a dynamic Q&A segment for deeper exploration of influencer-driven social change strategies, challenges, and opportunities.
Influencer Marketing For Nonprofits Webinar Teacher Nick Lynch
Influencer Marketing For Nonprofits Webinar Teacher Nick Lynch

About the Presenter

In an ever-changing and evolving digital world, Nick Lynch has spent his professional career building solutions for brands to better identify and target their audiences online. Nick is more than a businessman: from personal experience as a former Make-A-Wish recipient who survived cancer at an early age, Nick is passionate about nonprofit organizations. When the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly forced many nonprofits into the digital space, it triggered Nick to think strategically about solving the challenges of creating opportunities to thrive without in-person events.

This prompted Nick into creating, an all-in-one social media measurement and data analytics platform to help nonprofits survive throughout the pandemic and beyond. empowers global causes, influencers, and organizations to collaborate and measure their cumulative influence and impact, bringing much needed transparency and measurement to the multi-trillion dollar non-profit sector, as well as companies looking to add or improve their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Out of 2900+ startups analyzed, StartUs has recently named as one of the top 5 Social Tech Startups to Watch in 2021.

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