Stakeholder Engagement in an Election Year

Stakeholder Engagement in an Election Year

with Dana Meyers

July 10 | 10:00-11:00AM CT

  • With November looming, public affairs teams are actively working on strengthening relationships with their stakeholders — and preparing to build new ones based on potential electoral outcomes.

    This session divides election-year stakeholder strategies into two branches: stakeholder engagement related to moving the needle on issues for the remainder of 2024, and stakeholder engagement related to laying the groundwork for success after the election. When it comes to moving the needle on issues this year, we’ll discuss mapping your stakeholders, coalition building, crisis communications, and more. With regards to laying the foundation for a successful post-election period, we’ll discuss planning for multiple outcomes, and how to start off on the right foot with lawmakers. For both branches,, we’ll discuss strategies for setting effective goals and how to measure your impact.

    Navigating the extra challenges of an election year requires a strategic and thoughtful approach to stakeholder engagement. With a plan in place, you can capitalize on the momentum of the election to achieve your goals before November—and be ready with a robust post-election strategy, no matter the outcome.

    – Pre-election preparedness: Strategies to build and prioritize relationships before the election rush.
    – Planning for election outcomes: How to make a plan for every electoral outcome, plus how to leave a positive first impression with new lawmakers.
    – Setting effective goals & measuring your impact: Effective ways to use meeting tracking tools to gauge (and boost) your influence.

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