Stewardship: Raising More So You Can Do More

Stewardship and Gratitude: Your Key to Raising More So You Can Do More

with Janice Fonger

March 15 | 12:00-1:00 PM CT

Did you know that, on average, organizations lose around half of their donors each year? And did you know that the loss of first-time donors is a staggering 65% or more?

Just think about how much lost revenue that represents.
And think about how much less goes to your mission and those you serve. The good news . . . it doesn’t have to be that way! If you are serious about securing all the funds needed to drive your mission, then it has to be about more than just filling the bucket (cuz your bucket’s got holes, lots of holes).

If you are serious about raising more to drive your mission, inject a hearty dose of Stewardship and Gratitude into your fundraising plans.

So, what are these things – Stewardship and Gratitude? Stewardship is about engaging with donors to create connections and build loyalty. Gratitude is a powerful way we can engage and inspire donors. Stewardship and Gratitude must be a priority for ALL donors at ALL giving levels. Our fundraising efforts should invite the donor into your mission and make them feel amazing about their generosity.

Join us in this interactive session as we explore different mindsets about such as:

  • fundraising
  • philanthropy
  • stewardship

These simple strategies warm your donors’ hearts and inspire future engagement and giving.

I guarantee that the tips and strategies from this session will boost your results. These results will inspire donors. All of this is to assist you in raising more, so your organization can do more!

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About the Presenter

Janice Fonger has spent more than “lots and lots and lots and lots” of years in the non-profit sector. She has been on the front line, in the development office, in the board room, and in the executive director’s office. She knows fundraising in small non-profits and rose to the many challenges including creating new annual fundraising strategies, building an endowment during a recession, securing and maintaining needed public and private grant funding, as well as caring for and nurturing donor relationships. Janice, Vice President with J. Milito & Associates, helps organizations retain and upgrade current donors, re-engage lapsed donors, and acquire new donors. She’s also served on numerous non-profit boards and is a past President of the AFP West Michigan Chapter.

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