The ‘365’ Sponsorship Strategy Experience; Drive Sponsorship Revenue

The ‘365’ Sponsorship Strategy Experience; Drive Sponsorship Revenue

with Maria L. Perez & Walter Willett

July 19 | 3:00-4:00 PM CT

Maria L. Perez and Walter Willett, founders of the Sponsorship Seekers Lounge, invite you to step into a world where effective sponsorship sales strategies are both a possibility and a reality. This enlightening session navigates the core aspects of successful sponsorship campaigns, sharing invaluable insights at every turn.

From the intricacies of campaign planning to the nuances of creating a resonant value proposition, this experience promises to transform your approach. Learn how to fully utilize advanced technology tools to enhance your productivity, and master the art of crafting persuasive proposals and sealing the deal with tried-and-true closing techniques.

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective Campaign Planning: Unearth the secrets of planning successful campaigns with a high potential for attracting sponsorships.
  • Persuasive Communication: Learn how to convey your organization’s vision and mission in an appealing manner that strikes a chord with potential sponsors.
  • Negotiation Mastery: Equip yourself with the skills to develop compelling proposals and negotiate sponsorship deals effectively.

Join us in this enriching journey of discovery and learn how to unlock your organization’s true potential, maximizing your sponsorship revenue. Take advantage of this chance to revolutionize your approach to sponsorships.

image of speaker
image of speaker

About the Presenter

Maria L. Perez is a cause and social issues marketing consultant with decades of experience working with non for profits. Maria is passionate about good works marketing. She enjoys aligning partners for good; connecting companies with causes or social issues, crafting and activating meaningful cause marketing campaigns. Maria is based in Las Vegas.

About the Presenter

Walter Willett enjoys sharing with others lessons learned over a lifetime of sales. He has co-founded the Sponsorship Seekers Lounge as a way to coach and teach others. His career experience includes senior leadership with several national trade associations in a event management and revenue generation capacity. Walter works with clients in both the for-profit and non-profit spaces, often leading sponsorship and exhibition sales efforts for international conferences and trade shows. Walter is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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