“Uncharitable” Sneak Peak with Stephen Gyllenhaal

“Uncharitable” Sneak Peak with Stephen Gyllenhaal

with Stephen Gyllenhaal & Kiersten Hill

September 20 | 1:00-2:00 PM CT

After three of the most dynamic and successful U.S. charities were shut down by conservative charity watchdogs, destroying lives and cutting off precious resources, many of the top influencers in the field knew something had to be done to overhaul the nonprofit sector.

Beginning with Dan Pallotta, whose record-breaking Ted Talk on the subject has inspired top
philanthropists and changemakers, this feature documentary exposes the dark side of philanthropy and introduces a radical new way of giving. In an emotional call to action, Uncharitable demands that charities be freed from the traditional sackcloth-and-ashes constraints, so that they can truly change the world.

No topic is more crucial and timelier as we confront an increasingly unstable world with the growing revelation that we are all interconnected and that our fate lies in how much we are willing to invest in positive change.


  • Documentary exposes problems with nonprofit sector and traditional charity models.
  • Calls for freeing charities from constraints to drive more positive change.
  • Makes an emotional appeal for investing more in interconnectedness and positive change.
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About the Presenter

As an award-winning Hollywood director, Stephen Gyllenhaal loves tackling challenging subjects through his movies, TV shows and documentaries, including Twin Peaks, Rectify, Dangerous Woman, Losing Isaiah, Paris Trout, Girl Fight, Waterland, Killing In a Small Town, Leap of Faith, Shattered Mind and In Utero.
He has published a book of poetry, Claptrap, Notes from Hollywood; is writing two new books, Enjoy It! and Liquid Motel and is a proud father and grandfather.

At the beginning of 2017 he embarked on two charitable projects – this movie and an educational Mental Health Institute, focusing on the impact of trauma from conception through pre-verbal development. From the perspective of these two ventures, he’s come to understand and experience the profound dysfunction of the so-called “non-profit sector” and has made it his mission to do everything he can to unleash the charitable/mission driven sector to do what it was charged to do – make this a far better world.

Uncharitable is step one.

About the Presenter

Kiersten Hill, is a Nebraska-native born and raised in North Platte. She graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. With almost two decades in nonprofit management and fundraising, she has raised over $20 million for Nebraska nonprofit organizations and worked to better train and equip nonprofit leaders and boards of directors.

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